Training in Reiki
Levels 1, 2 & Masters

Is it now Time?

3 Reasons why you need Reiki in your life:

1.    To assist in the healing of yourself, your loved ones, your

          pets and your Clients.

2.  Reiki attunement opens your intuitive world.

3.    Reiki helps your world to expand with love: where your

          intuition and connection with spirit strengthens.

What's on Offer?

Reiki Level One

Reiki Level Two

Reiki Master

Where is the Training?

You can be at home communicating with me over Social Media.

You can travel to the beautiful Fraser Coast, Bundaberg in Sunny Queensland Australia and make a holiday out of it : some "you" time.

You may register as an individual student and have one-on-one attention with the Reiki Teacher or join with a group of other like-minded souls.

I am a Reiki Master & Teacher of the traditional Usui natural form of healing.

March 26th & 27th
Reiki Level One & Two
Be a Reiki Practitioner Course, Bundaberg

How long are the classes?

  • Each Reiki Level is a one day class.

  • Reiki Levels 1 and 2 can be attended in two days following each other if desired.

  • Reiki Master is a one day class. (Reiki Master cannot be taught straight after Reiki Levels 1 and 2 - Time must be used to practice this natural healing art before Reiki Master can be achieved.)

  • Reiki Master / Teacher is over two days.

What is the financial investment?

  • Each Level is $222.00 if participating within a group and $444.00 for one-on-one training.

  • Reiki Master / Teacher is $444.00 if participating within a group and $888.00 for one-on-one training.