Energise & Calm - Reiki Healing Energy

Mind, Body, Spirit

Energise & Calm... to experience

💙 Serene calm

💗 Less anxiety

💝 Peace

💛 Pain relief

💖 Mind, Body, Soul Healing

❣    Chakra Cleansing  

(Reiki is received fully clothed)

During this time your Reiki Therapist may receive Spirit Messages that can be shared with you.


Reiki energies compliment your holistic approach to your health and wellbeing.

The Usui system of natural healing balances & cleanses your Chakras and Energetic Bodies.  Removing blockages to encourage your Chi (life energy) to flow freely, which then allows more focused thought, emotional alignment and relaxation.   ​

You will leave relaxed, calm and with a new lease on life.

Reiki is a great compliment to western medicine and is safe to receive whilst pregnant, for children and animals.

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