Healing at your Home - Remote Reiki

Healing at your Home... to feel less stress and more alive!!  

  • Perfect for the "after holiday blues".

  • Perfect for after surgery to assist in your recovery.

  • Perfect for you if you are stuck at home.

  • Perfect if you choose to stay at home for your healings.

Remote Reiki is you relaxing at home, receiving energy to feel lighter & happier, physically, mentally & energetically. Reiki de-fogs your mind, allowing for clearer and happier thoughts.

What does a Session involve?

45 minutes of Bliss...  A great nights sleep...  A calm mind...

Phone or message Jode to book your at Home Energy Healing Session.  

I am a Reiki Master & Teacher of the traditional Usui natural form of healing and can help you today.

💛  The feeling of serene bliss and calm is received by your physical and energetic bodies instantly over Mother Earth’s many lands and waters with Distance Reiki. 💛

Messages I receive during the session will be messaged or emailed to you afterward, along with your Guidance card message.    Relaxation, serenity and guidance are waiting for you.

What do I have to do during the energy healing?

  • You don't really need to do anything! 

  • Although, why wouldn't you take this time to set up a beautiful space at home!!

  • Your confirmation email has some suggestions on how you can create a space for yourself.

 Reiki is a complimentary therapy that can assist with:

  • easing & even ceasing physical pain

  • relieving migraines

  • quieting your mind

  • increasing focus of the mind

  • decreasing nervous tension

  • giving you the best sleep you've had in months

  • encouraging your body to self heal

  • rejuvenating your cellular system (ie. your whole physical body)

  • unblocking old thought patterns

  • creating movement in your energetic body - cleansing your chakras

  • and much more for a holistic approach in self care



I recently contacted my friend, Jode Sheargold, to ask for some help with what I knew was an ‘energy’ problem.

Over a couple of weeks I’d been listening to a few different people who were experiencing big emotions and I realised that I was feeling exhausted because I’d taken some of their emotions on.

I knew Jode was an ‘energy’ practitioner and might be able to help.

Beautiful person that she is, she was straight onto it.

She gave me some simple things to do, did some distance reiki and then gave me some tools and insights to help into the future. I have no hesitation in recommending the services offered by this compassionate, wise and intuitive healer. Thanks Jode for your help and guidance! Kerry

My energy is great today. I have a few health issues at the moment, so to be out mowing and cutting branches off trees etc is amazing. 3 days ago I couldn't put pressure on my right foot.

3 months later Linda said, “My feet are still so good”.

Hi Jode, a massive thank you for the healing. My heart was so full of joy and I have felt so much better today. Dancing and singing and helping people to smile and laugh, a beautiful feeling. My heart just feels full again. My furbabies have been running around playing and seem much lighter, they are all 14yo, so nice to see them feeling great too. Thank you so much. Your energy is just lovely.