Individual Distance Reiki Healing

There is no time. There is no space.

Therefore there is no interference between the Reiki Cure Energies that are conducted through Reiki Master Practitioner and yourself the recipient. 

This natural form of healing can be channelled to you in real time.  Yet there is no time…….  The feeling of serene bliss and calm is received by your physical and energetic bodies instantly over Mother Earth’s many lands and waters.

Everything in this world, our Universe, starts from energy (quantum physics evidences this).  At times the energies in and around our physical & energetic system become blocked and cause us dis-ease, pain and suffering.  

Reiki Distance Energy Healings unblock energies that can cause dis-ease, mental anguish and unease, to allow you to be more focused in your thinking, calmer and emotionally happier and more stable.

Reiki cleanses and balances our Chakras (energy system) thus allowing Chi (life force) to flow freely, assisting you through emotional times, living your authentic life and taking your right next step.

Channelling for me comes through as words and phrases and these will be messaged to you after the session.

I am a conduit of Reiki Energies and a Reiki Master. Together let us send any negatively held energy to Universe to be transmuted into positive energy to return to the cycle of life ‘for the good of all’.

0417 217 683

Beautiful Agnes Water QLD 4677, Australia

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