Meditation & Movement
with Reiki

Meditation classes

Enjoy moving to music to start the session, then lay or sit to be guided into calmness and remain in deep meditation, relaxing and receiving reiki healing energies, in these 45 min classes, for the cost of $15.00.

Held in Bundaberg weekly from - 

  • Time and space to be advised...

Please bring what you need for your own comfort, ie. something for under you, blanket for over you, pillow for under your knees if you have a sore lower back.

If you want more time for your self-care, your health and wellbeing, more insights and more peace, then this is for you.  Enjoy this unique experience.

No meditation or Reiki skills necessary to attend.

Book by contacting me via phone or messenger.  Walk-ins welcome.

Blessings to you. Jode