Reiki Massage

Relaxation Plus Pain Relief

Reiki Massage... is a combination of relaxation and therapeutic massage techniques & Reiki. To relieve pain and unwind.

Combin​ing the massage techniques of - 


Lomi Lomi



Deep Tissue

 to provide you with an Intuitive pain relieving massage.

Reiki is infused with every massage movement and I stop at areas to allow the energies to be focused.  Reiki energies calm and relax the body and the mind.   Reiki Massage is both relaxing and gives pain relief.

​This massage technique gets to the crux of your pains.

Pain in your lower back could be coming from your sciatic.

Pain in your leg could be coming from your hip.

Pain in your shoulder could be coming from your opposite lower back. 

Everything is connected, as we know, and with this service you will see how much it is so.